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Telescope cover


As I was getting ready to construct a pier in my front yard I realized I needed something a little more sturdy to protect my scope and mount. So far I’ve used a garbage bag and tarp that I secure with some rope. That worked reasonably well but didn’t look very nice and would probably not protect my equipment during a storm. While at NEAF I saw several nice scope covers but none big enough for a C11 with piggybacked OTA on a GEM. So I figured I’d make one myself and save a few $$ in the process.


I bought a heavy duty tarp at Walmart that I figured would be big enough for the job. The size I chose turned out to be quite suitable as it fit fine over the scope. That meant I needed to make only 1 cut to make the sheet narrower. I didn’t take any pictures of the fitting process, I simply draped the tarp over the setup and used clamps to close the sides. I then used a 2x4 piece of wood and a long thin bladed knife to make the cut:

To make the seams look nicer I cut the sheet a little big and used double sided tape to stick the bag together. Because the size was just right I only needed to tape the right and left side of the bag. As a result I kept eyelets on the bottom part of the bag along with a finished edge:

It’s then a matter of carefully removing the backing of the tape and sticking the halves together. Note how I taped the outside together. After all the taping was done I turned the bag inside out and did a test fitting:

I still use that rope to tighten the bag a little in case of wind etc. At some point I may put a row of stitches on each seam to make them stronger. So far I’ve only re-enforced the corners so that the bag doesn’t pull apart in the wind.

This file was uploaded on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 3:13:19 PM


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Last night (5/31/07) there was a tremendous thunderstorm here. This morning I checked the scope and it was completely dry. The cover seems to work just fine.


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